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Debbie Sykes


Debbie resides in southwest Ohio and works most frequently in Cincinnati and Dayton, though her expertise and clientele have taken her all over the country. Debbie’s commitment to you is to provide high quality interior design services. She also ensures you avoid costly mistakes and protect of your investment. No design area is too big or too small.

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Debbie’s capabilities in residential design cover over 40 years of experience in many styles and design concepts. She brings a high-level of skill to create with existing furnishings and cherished possessions, or provide coordination in total remodeling, new construction, and purchasing of all new furnishings. The project may be a single room or a whole house. Whether your needs include lighting, plumbing fixtures, cabinetry, custom carpentry, furniture, window treatments, or accessories, Debbie’s extensive knowledge of current trends and design principles will ensure the space meets your vision.


Debbie’s breadth of commercial design experience includes offices, retail firms, country clubs, industrial plants, medical facilities and many others. Her general knowledge of architecture principles, building codes, and commercial specifications in material usage gives Debbie the tools necessary to take the space from concept to completion. She works closely with architects and contractors to achieve both a functional and appealing commercial space. Her objective is to provide an environment rich in light, texture, and design; and do it with efficiency and cost effectiveness.

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